Whova & Zoom

Get Prepared For An Amazing Virtual Event!


We are utilizing an application called Whova which simplifies the convention process and takes the stress out of the virtual experience. Whova is used in conjunction with Zoom, and will allow you to do the following:

  • View your own personal schedule ahead of time and in your own timezone.
  • Have EASY access to all your panels and extras through direct links from Whova to Zoom.
  • Receive notifications of when your events are about to start.
  • Make additional purchases throughout the weekend through the At Home website, which our staff will then add to your personal Whova agenda.
  • Access recordings of the panels you purchased up to 7 days after the event (unless restricted by contract).
  • Converse with other attendees, just like at an in-person convention!
  • Contact event staff directly through the app to get help when you need it.
  • Participate in competitions and activities.

Let's Get You Ready!


We have provided step-by-step guidelines for installing both Whova and Zoom.

  1. Install the app on your computer or mobile device (event link will be emailed to you the week of the event)
  2. Make sure to use the same name and email you bought your ticket and extras with on our website. If you get an error, either your pass has not been entered into our system yet or you used an email address not associated with your pass.
  3. View your convention agenda (sessions available to you will be in the full agenda tab), and make sure all of your purchased extras are listed. If something is missing or listed wrong, please contact customer support at support@jalmics.com 
  4. PLEASE NOTE: After activating your Whova account, it may take some time for new purchases to show on your agenda. This also applies to the entire weekend of the convention, so make sure to buy additional extras timely, so that the purchase can be processed.
  5. Familiarize yourself with using Whova before the convention 


  • Download the Zoom application onto your computer or mobile device if you haven’t already. Set up an account with the same name and email you used on Whova and our website.
  • Before you access the event, make sure to check your internet connection and disconnect any unnecessary additional devices to ensure your connection will stay steady during all your activities. You can also join a test meeting.
  • Please ensure you settle down at a quiet place with no background noises as it may result in echoing or your favorite actor or actress might not be able to understand you! We recommend setting up a test run prior to the event with some of your friends so you know how to navigate and set up your audio and video. We also recommend having Zoom set up on at least one other device, in case you have a problem with the one you’re using.
  • As you access an extra through your agenda on Whova, you can join the meetings easily and will be directed to the correct meeting room. You will have to input your details upon accessing Zoom. (Again: Make sure to use the same name and email you used for Whova and on our website)

More about Zoom

  • For some activities a waiting room will be in place, to check the attendees and to let everyone in as the meeting starts. Please do not leave the meeting room once you have entered it. 
  • In case of poor connection, don’t panic. Simply re-enter via your Whova agenda and join the meeting, or meeting room, once more. The meeting host will grant you access again.
  • The video and audio function on your computer will be switched off by default for certain events. For some extras (e.g. panels)  we have enabled a setting that allows the meeting host to mute/unmute you and ask you to activate your video device as needed, such as when you are next in line to ask a question.
  • If you wish not to be shown on screen at any time or have your microphone enabled to directly converse with the guests, please inform your meeting host and they will pass on your question to the guest. This is to be applied to any extra.
  • If you want to ask one of the guests a question, please address the meeting host or co-host in the chat. You will be able to submit questions before events and during events via Q & A sessions. Please note that certain panels do not allow for a general Q&A.
  • Please make sure to always follow your host’s instructions and respect the guests’ privacy. Do not ask our guests personal or inappropriate questions of any kind! A violation of rules may result in your immediate exclusion from the extra. In that case you may not re-enter and will not be entitled to a refund.


Keep in mind that upon purchase of your tickets you have agreed to our panels being recorded and published later on. If you accept the host’s invitation to join the video chat, please be aware that both your video and audio will be recorded. 

All panels, except those restricted by contracts, will be available on demand via Whova for 7 days after our event ends. You will also be able to purchase additional panels later on, even if you haven’t bought the extra prior to our At Home convention and haven’t participated in the live event.

WHOVA - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Whova?

Whova is a browser and mobile friendly app. Through this app, participants can access their event agenda, attendee profiles, and guest profiles. Panels and purchased extras are streamed live through the platform thanks to Zoom integration. You can access your activities easily directly through your personalized schedule.

Who has access to the virtual convention in Whova?

Registered attendees only. You can only access our event on Whova if you have purchased a pass to the At Home Convention.

How do I access Whova?

Register via the link we will email to you prior to the event, download Whova with the same email address you used to register for the convention.

Is Whova available only on mobile?

Whova is available on desktop and laptop browsers as well, but with more limited functionalities.

Will the panels be accessible through Whova as well?

Yes. You will be able to access all activities you’ve purchased, such as panels, workshops and extras through the application. Your extras will all be listed in the full agenda view and you can save them to your “My Agenda” view. Whova will direct you to the appropriate Zoom meeting, or Zoom webinar five minutes before the start time.

What else can you do on Whova?

  • View the event agenda and plan your schedule
  • View the guest and attendee list
  • Access Livestreams and Workshops directly within sessions and utilize the chat option
  • Converse with other attendees and our staff through various Discussion Topics in the Community Board
  • Receive updates in form of push notifications from the organizer
  • Access certain panel recordings up to 7 days after the event through your agenda

I want to get in contact with other attendees, or participate in the competitions. How can I do that?

If you’re using the mobile app, navigate to the “community” section on the bottom of your screen. From the web app on your PC or laptop, you will find the “community” section listed in the menu on the left side of the screen. Here you will find a number of discussion forums tailored to your event, where you’ll be able to chat with other attendees, exchange experiences and ask the organizers questions. To participate in any competitions, navigate to the “Additional Resources” menu and click the “photos” button. You will be directed to the photos page, where you can look at any photos posted by other attendees and a link to the contests will be visible on top of the page.

ZOOM - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join a Zoom meeting/webinar?

You may access the meetings/webinars through your Whova agenda. If a password is needed, we will provide it to you via email prior to the event. All your activities will take place in Zoom meetings, and all our panels, due to their larger capacity, through the Zoom webinar extension. You do not have to switch any platform. Simply follow the provided link and let it lead you to the according meeting/webinar.

Do I need to pay for Zoom?

No, the basic Zoom plan is free. There are extensions to the basic plan, but you do not need any of those to participate in our meetings and webinars.

Why can’t I activate my microphone/video device?

For some activities, we disabled your microphone and video device upon entrance by default. If you are to activate either or both during an activity , please await the instructions of your meeting host and follow them accordingly.  Before you decide whether or not to join a panel on camera, please be aware that a recording of the panel might be made and shared by Jalmics later on. 

What is a waiting room and how does it work?

The waiting room is a virtual lobby. You and other attendees will gather there and be let in by your meeting host when it is your turn, or your activity is about to start. We recommend logging into the waiting room for your extras at least 5 minutes early so there is time to address any potential technology issues.

Can I record or screenshot a meeting?

No, you may not. To ensure our guests’ comfort please refrain from capturing the activities you join in any way. A watermark of your email address will be placed in any illegal video or audio recordings that you take. This can be traced if any footage is found on the internet or social media sites and may result in some guests requesting that you are not allowed access to any future conventions by any organizers. . You risk immediate exclusion from your activities if you disregard this rule. Additionally, if a violation of this rule is detected by us or the agencies of attending guests, you risk being blacklisted from any future conventions by any organizer as all illegally shared video and audio recordings can be traced to its source. However, we will be recording a number of panels that were agreed on previously with the guests, and release them later on.