Terms And Conditions of Sale

Please read all the terms and conditions of sale enacted below before any purchases for our events.


These general terms and conditions apply to all commercial transactions within the website www.jalmics.com (hereinafter the Website), and are applicable to Jalmics International Ltd and Jalmics International Corp.  The domain is owned by Jalmics International Ltd. legally constituted company incorporated under the laws of the UK, registered at Companies House, registration number 12161518 located at College House, 2nd Floor, 17 King Edwards Road, London, HA7 7AE.

Jalmics International Ltd and Jalmics International Corp make every effort within its means to ensure that the information in the Website regarding prices, promotions and service conditions is accurate and correct and without error. Should any errors occur, which are beyond the control of Jalmics International Ltd and Jalmics International Corp, it would be immediately corrected, and if a customer made a purchase decision based on said error, Jalmics International Ltd and Jalmics International Corp would inform the customer of said mistake and the customer would have the right to cancel the order at no cost to themselves.

Terms and conditions of Jalmics International Ltd and Jalmics International Corp referred to herein as (”JALMICS”)


1.1 “JALMICS” terms and conditions of sales are such that there is no right to refund for any products for any reason except in the case of total cancellation of the event. A commission of the order of 2.5% of the price of the product purchased will then be retained for charges incurred, and all refunds will be paid with this amount deducted.

1.2 “JALMICS” reserves the right to change the date and place of the event. No refund will be made if as a result of this you are unable to attend the event. ”JALMICS” is not responsible for external costs such as transportation and accommodation if the event is delayed or cancelled.

1.3 A guest may cancel their presence at the event for professional reasons. No refund of the pass will be given.  However, we will offer the option of exchanging your extras for an alternate guest. Refunds will only be given in special circumstances wherein a comparable exchange cannot be made. 

1.4 “JALMICS” reserves the right to modify the schedules of the photoshoots, autographs, chat sessions or any other activities as well as the modification or the addition of new products if the circumstances so require.

1.5 “JALMICS” has the unequivocal right to refuse access to the event, without possibility of refund, to any participant who does not respect the guests, the members of “JALMICS” team as well as the general public and any venue staff.  This right is extended to include unacceptable behaviour caused by excessive alcohol consumption or drugs and participants will be removed from the venue with no right to a refund.

1.6 All participants under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult, who also requires a pass.

1.7 Access to the convention is not allowed for children under 10 years old.

1.8 “JALMICS” does not allow access to the event to animals, with exception to service animals.

1.9 By attending our events you agree to allow “JALMICS” to use your image in any form of commercial promotion, including websites, news broadcasts, documentaries or stories, and social media with the understanding that this will not entitle you to compensation of any kind.

1.10 “JALMICS” assumes no responsibility for any comments or actions taken by the guests or staff members who act on their own initiative.

1.11 “JALMICS” assumes no responsibility or liability regarding accidents or lost/stolen objects.

1.12 All persons must attend with printed confirmation of their passes as well as all other acquired products, (i.e. ticketed extras)

1.13 All passes are personalized, therefore attendees to the event must present a form of valid identification.

1.14 Any form of disruptive or violent behaviour will result in the immediate expulsion from the event.

1.15 Items to be signed by the actors must be previously approved by a member of the staff. 

1.16 Guests can refuse to sign any object or product that they consider offensive or aggressive in any form.

1.17 For the duration of the event, if necessary, security personnel are authorized to ask for attendees’ identification or perform luggage searches.

1.18 The inclusion in all activities will be coordinated exclusively by the staff. Ignoring their guidance may cause conflicts, which might lead to expulsion from the event without any kind of indemnification.

1.19  Any issues with any activities must be raised formally by email within 24 hours of the event date to support@jalmics.com with details of the activity and exact issue and what recourse is requested.  A response will be issued within 7 days.  If issues are not raised within this timescale and in this manner then they will not be accepted or investigated.

1.20  Events postponed due to COVID –  Pass holders can nominate to exchange their purchases for credit vouchers that will be valid for 12 months from the “Original Date” of the rescheduled event and can be used at either the “At Home” virtual element of the event or for any event hosted by Jalmics International during the 12 month period.  NOTE: When an event is rescheduled and tickets are transferred to a new date and event and new terms and conditions are accepted.  The new date and event become the “Original Date” for any future postponements. 

2 Products Order

2.1 The pass being nominative, no refund will be possible if the buyer can no longer participate in the event. This also applies to ticketed extras.  All purchases are final and no refunds are available, after purchase, if the buyer can no longer attend the event.  Exchanges are also not possible.

2.2 The purchase of extras (Photoshoot, Autograph, Chat, etc.) is only available to pass holders. No extra refund is possible if the buyer does not hold a pass or if an extra is purchased by mistake.

2.3 Once your order is validated, via the ticket office, it is imperative that you print all your proofs of purchases (sent to your email address). These tickets are essential to access the event and to access your Extras.  Without your proof of purchase you will not be allowed entry to an in person event.

2.4 The seat numbers are allocated according to the date of purchase and the type of pass purchased (a seat number will be communicated to you on the day of the event). To sit side by side the passes must be purchased on the same order.

2.5 Passes can be upgraded, depending on availability, upon request to “JALMICS”.

2.6 If unable to attend, pass holders may not transfer passes, until a transfer window timetable has been announced. However, before any transfers are made, prior authorization is required from “JALMICS”.  NO PASS TRANSFERS WILL BE DONE WITHOUT PRIOR CONSENT. The financial transaction is the pass holder’s responsibility and must be carried out independently. JALMICS is not responsible for money changing hands between the parties involved in the transfer process. Once the financial transaction is complete, we must be notified of the new pass holder’s name wherein we will change the ticket to reflect the new pass holders name. 

2.7 The time limit for the request of pass changes of any kind is 30 days before the event.

2.8 When getting more than one pass per person, the information of all attendees has to be provided to the organization as all passes will be personalized to the pass holder. The is the same with any extras.

2.9  If a pass is purchased on instalments, but the instalment payments are not made within the 30 day time limit then all monies previously paid will be forfeit with no right to refund.  Should extras have been purchased then you may ask for authorisation to transfer them but there is no implied right to transfer.  All monies paid to “JALMICS” for extras are forfeit in this instance.

2.10 Autograph and photograph products cannot be mailed unless shipping has been either paid for when your At Home pass was purchased or shipping has been purchased as a separate item in our shop. Even if the guest has signed the autograph it cannot be mailed if shipping has not been paid for.

3 Payment Terms

We offer extended payment terms in instalments without charge for some events and hotels.  However, any sum not paid on its due date will automatically result in the payment of a fixed compensation of 25 US$ due to late payment penalty in the event of cancellation of an order.  

We accept the following payment methods for the purchase of passes and extras:

3.1 By debit card and credit card via the online ticketing site, through any payment means offered such as paypal or stripes. Note that a commission of about 2.5% of the price of the product purchased will be charged for the processing of payment by credit card and for editing the e-ticket.

3.2 By bank transfer (bank charges will be borne by the buyer): Send an email to support@jalmics.com with the object of payment by bank transfer accompanied by the following information: Name and surname of the participant and email address. The procedure will be communicated to you once the payment is received

NB: Please note that payment by bank transfer corresponds to an option and the registration of the seat will only be recorded after receipt of the transfer. 

4 Photoshoot / Autograph / Chat

4.1 A photoshoot ticket allows only one person to pose with the guest. If you want more than one attendee in the photo then each person will require a photoshoot ticket. Please Note: 1 photoshoot corresponds to 1 photo of you with the guest taken by a professional photographer.

Please respect the guest’s boundaries, especially as follows;

If you want a hug from the guest then ask for the pose hug, however it is at the individual guests discretion whether hug poses are allowed and each guest sets their own boundaries which must be respected or you will be removed from the premises.

It is forbidden to ask to be carried by a guest or carry a guest during a photoshoot, in case of accident and injury. 

It is forbidden to ask for a kiss or to kiss a guest.

The selfie pose with a phone is prohibited, unless purchased. The photographer will pose the selfie with his own camera.

4.2 Printed photos will be available after the photoshoot session. Otherwise, they will be available at the end of the convention during or after the autograph session. If the participant cannot wait to pick up the printed photos, then the shipping costs will be paid by the participant.

4.3 An autograph or enhanced autograph ticket entitles only one signature of the guest on a single item.  The item to be autographed must be tasteful and not a body part. All items to be autographed will be inspected for approval and the decision of the guest or “JALMICS” on suitability is final.  

4.4 A chat is a privileged meeting with a guest for 30 minutes (20 people maximum)

4.5 Cameras, phones and audio recorders are strictly prohibited in the photo shoot, autograph and chat sessions. Flash photography is forbidden at all times.

4.6 Calls for photoshoots and autographs will be made by pass and seat number. We do not accept any responsibility if you miss your session.

4.7 “JALMICS” is not responsible if the guests are no longer willing to do photoshoots, autographs or chat. No refund will be possible but an exchange may be offered.

4.8 Gifts for guests may only be given during the autograph session. Food items of any kind will not be allowed and will be disposed of.  Please be aware that if your gift is deemed unsuitable or too large then it will also be disposed of.  The guests can refuse any gift at their discretion.

4.9 Advertised guests may only be present for one day of the convention if their agenda restricts them. No refunds will be allowed in this instance.

5 Panels / Questions & Answers

5.1 All types of cameras are allowed during panels in the main panel room. No flashes are allowed at any time in the convention. Please respect this or you will be asked to leave the panel.

We must reiterate that any person found video/audio recording the panels or with said recordings will be removed from the convention, and the recording deleted from their device. This includes mobile devices such as phones.  Should any illegal recordings be found on any person, or devices, or social media accounts controlled by said person,  then that person forfeits the right to continue to attend that convention and any future conventions without any financial recompense or refund for any purchases made.  For the avoidance of doubt a lifetime ban will be instigated and all purchases will be cancelled with no right to refund.

The rule of no videos allows the guest to reply freely to your questions without fear of their comments being replayed on the internet.

Any purchase of passes and extras implies that the buyer and/or the attendee accept and agree to the terms and conditions listed above.