Guest: Shelley Mansell (Rock Solid Panda Crew )

Brief Biography

Starting in Season 1, Shelley made sure every character on Shadowhunters was meticulously clothed to reflect their storyline and personality. Her skill in costume design made Magnus Baneโ€™s flair for style come alive and ensured the Seelie Queen always looked divine. Other credits include Covert Affairs and Transporter: The Series.

Charity For Donations

Shelly has chosen to support World Wildlife Fund as her nominated charity.

It would be greatly appreciated if fans could make donations in lieu of bringing gifts.

The online donation portal is currently not available, but will be shortly.

Participation In โ€Heroes Of The Shadow Worldโ€

Shelly will be attending all three days of the celebration event. She will participate in a range of activities, including workshops.


Creating Characters

Members of the make-up, hair, and wardrobe teams will discuss the collaborative process between the crew themselves and the cast in creating the look of various characters on Shadowhunters, including Clary, The Seelie Queen, Jonathan, Magnus, and many others. Tentative guests include Brian Hui, Amanda Oโ€™Leary, Jen Fisher, Stefanie Terzo, and Shelley Mansell.

The Magnus Look

The character of Magnus Bane took shape with collaboration between wardrobe, hair, make-up, and cast input. Shelley Mansell, Stefanie Terzo, and Amanda Oโ€™Leary discuss the collaborative process within the team and Harry Shum, Jr. to create this iconic character.