Trio Photo: Luke, Anna & Alan [NYSC]


This picture truly will show the strangest family of the whole show. Meet demonic mom Lilith, rogue Shadowhunter dad Valentine and their more or less son Jonathan, the one and only demonic Shadowhunter of the show and join them to the most iconic family picture of the whole Shadow World.Β  This is a once in a lifetime Shadowhunters photo opportunity.

Not excited enough already? Luke, Anna and Alan are three of the funniest cast members of the show, so we can guarantee a lot of fun and happiness comes along with this photo op.

Don’t miss it and get your photo now!

A professional photographer takes a photo of you with Luke Baines, Anna Hopkins and Alan van Sprang. One purchased ticket equals one photo. If you want to take the photo together with friends, each person must purchase one.


Earn up to 100 Jalmics Reward Points.