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Infinite Earths Heroes with Tom Welling: All Day Panel Pass (IEH1)

Jalmics At Home are delighted to host Infinite Earths Heroes!

Infinite Earths Heroes is a whole day packed with chats, panels and fun activities with Tom Welling.

Golden Tickets are available which will enable some of our attendees to take part in panel games with the cast. These will be announced when the Activity and Challenge Panels go on sale.

Come and join Tom Welling and the Jalmics event team for an amazing day!!

You must purchase a pass for entry into event and for extra purchases to be valid.

By purchasing this pass you accept Jalmics terms and conditions for further extras purchases, in that all purchases are final and not refundable for any reason, other than in our terms and conditions and fulfillment policy.  Please see below for specific details, relating to this pass, that you must comply, with in regards to the taking of personal screenshots and recordings.

Earn up to 350 Jalmics Reward Points.

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Day: Saturday January 15, 2022.

Please be aware that purchases are final and non-refundable. Please note descriptions for each product before purchasing.

You do not need an At Home Pass to purchase an Autograph or Herogram.

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