Infinite Earths Heroes with Tom Welling: All Day Panel Pass (IEH1)


Jalmics At Home are delighted to host Infinite Earths Heroes!

Infinite Earths Heroes is a whole day packed with chats, panels and fun activities with Tom Welling.

Golden Tickets are available which will enable some of our attendees to take part in panel games with the cast. These will be announced when the Activity and Challenge Panels go on sale.

Come and join Tom Welling and the Jalmics event team for an amazing day!!

You must purchase a pass for entry into event and for extra purchases to be valid.

By purchasing this pass you accept Jalmics terms and conditions for further extras purchases, in that all purchases are final and not refundable for any reason, other than in our terms and conditions and fulfillment policy.Β  Please see below for specific details, relating to this pass, that you must comply, with in regards to the taking of personal screenshots and recordings.

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Infinite Earths Heroes: A Smallville Fanmeet Event takes place on January 15, 2022.Β 

Make sure that you have your place secured at every panel over this amazing Smallville fan fest with Tom Welling, and you will be able to re watch the action for 7 days afterwards as every panel will be available for you to watch “On Demand” as many times as you want.

……… and that is not all …….. You will even have the one off opportunity to be a ‘Golden Ticket’ winner and join Tom in one of the challenge game panels.

The All Day Panel Pass grants attendees the following:

  • Access to the virtual convention on January 15, 2022
  • One live-streamed panel (panel will not be for sale, available to all attendees). This is the Free Panel.
  • Two live-streamed panels (panels will be for sale as an additional extra to non-All Day Panel Pass holders)
  • One live-stream workshop (workshop will be for sale as an additional extra to non-All Day Panel Pass holders)
  • Free 7-day access to recorded footage via WHOVA of any panel you purchase, and the included panel
  • Possibility to purchase extras such as autographs, herograms, and live-chat sessions
  • Access to exclusive giveaways
  • Access to WHOVA (View personalized schedules, chat with others, polls & more)
  • No extra service fees when purchasing extras

**subject to any restrictions in guests contracts

Here are some of the extras we have in store. Specific schedules are to be announced.

  • Autograph: Autograph signing with a 2 minute 1:1 chat
  • Herogram: Personal video recording (not live)
  • 1:1 Chat: 3 minute 1:1 chat
  • Living Room Chat: 30 minutes chat with between 23 fans (with moderator)
  • Exclusive Living Room Chat: 30 minutes chat with between 10 fans (with moderator)
  • Jalmics Cozy Chat: 10 minute chat with 4 fans
  • Best Friend Chat: 6 minute chat with between 2 fans (with moderator)
  • Solo Panel:Β 30 minute chat panel
  • Challenge Game Panel: 30 minute game panel, 3 lucky fans will get the chance to play along.
  • Behind the Scenes Workshop:Β 30 minute panel about behind the scenes of Smallville.

*Please notes that the term “guest or guests” means the cast or crew members attending the convention.

Note: There is a separate, flat-rateΒ shipping fee for autographs available in our shop, which covers the shipment of all autographs purchased from your account for this event, in one shipment. Please include this product in your order if you intend on buying autographs to ensure that the items will be delivered to you. Shipping is not included in any autograph pricing.

See more details about At Home Conventions by Jalmics here.

Please be aware that recording or taking your own personal screen shots of any guest, chat or panel is strictly forbidden and a violation of the privacy agreement that we have with our guests. It is a condition of the purchase of our passes that you comply with this request by our guests. If you do not then your access privileges will be immediately revoked and you will forfeit all rights to take part any further in our event and all purchases will be forfeit with no right to refund. Our Disciplinary Board will also review your digression and assess whether a lifetime ban to all Jalmics events should be implemented. You will have the right to submit a statement in your defence to be included with your case when it is brought before the board.

Many guests are no longer taking part in virtual conventions due to supposed fans violating this clause and we undertake to our guests only to allow true and loyal fans into our events who would not betray their trust and loyalty. Please don’t let down your heroes.

Fullfillment of Orders and Refunds