Group Photo: Adam, Vanessa, Sydney & Tessa [NYSC]


Ever wanting to be part of a Downworld Cabinet meeting? This is your chance. Meet all our actor and actresses of the Downworld Cabinet group at once and be in the midst of the two warlocks Ragnor and Dot, vampire Heidi and half-Seelie Shadowhunter Helen.Β 

This clearly is an explosive photo op because who knows if this Downworld Cabinet will just talk or more fight.Β 

Grab your chance with this unique and one of a million chances to meet Adam, Vanessa, Sydney and Tessa all at once and take home an amazing photo of a moment you will never forget.

A professional photographer takes a photo of you . One purchased ticket equals one photo, If you want to take the photo together with friends, each person must purchase one.


Earn up to 110 Jalmics Reward Points.