General Admission Pass – In Person [HOTSW]


General Admission Passย 

This pass gives you access to purchase extras for the event and to purchase the non reserved seats available for each panel.

  • Possibility to buy additional extras
  • Ability to buy non reserved seats in the panel room for individual panels

Earn up to 65 Jalmics Reward Points.

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Please make certain of your selection and your purchase before you commit to it as all purchases are final unless the event is cancelled.

Jalmics International does not advertise any talent without written permission from the talent or their representation, however all guests and scheduling are tentative and subject to change.ย ย 

We are not responsible for orders that are rejected during processing: On rare occasion, an error may occur during the ordering process that can require the order to be resubmitted. This can include: Incomplete form submission (usually caused by not completing the entire ordering process to the very end); Credit card failures (usually caused when there are not enough funds in an account or the credit card company rejects the charge for any number of reasons including out of state, international or unfamiliar ordering to the customersโ€™ general pattern); or system errors during transmission of the order.

We suggest buying admission passes and extra tickets only through this website:ย  PLEASE BE CAREFUL! Tickets that are not valid or deemed fraudulent will not be accepted.

By purchasing this pass you agree to our terms and conditions of purchase in force at time of purchase that can be viewed in full at

All admission pass and extra ticket prices are subject to change at any time, so please order as early as possible.

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