Duo Photo Adam & Vanessa


β€œSome day someone will come…” is the start of one of the most iconic lines in the whole show. And who knows how long it would have taken Magnus to open his heart for Shadowhunter Alec, if he hadn’t gotten this advise of his old friend Ragnor.

And would there even be a story about Clary becoming a Shadowhunter without the lovely Dorothea, or how everybody calls her β€˜Dot’? The caring warlock did all she could to protect Clary and her mother and paid even with her life for it.

Meet these two warlocks and take a magical photo with them. And remember, this might be your only chance to ever meet Ragnor and Dot together.Β 

A professional photographer takes a photo of you with Vanessa Matsui and Adam Kenneth Wilson. One purchased ticket equals one photo. If you want to take the photo together with friends, each person must purchase one.


Earn up to 55 Jalmics Reward Points.