Catch up with Nicola and Alan [NYSC]


Valentine and Maryse might have been friends in the past, but their story changed in so many different directions since then but now is your chance to ask them for parenting 101? 

It is also well know that any chat with Alan is absolutely hilarious as he has played so many characters from King Henry in Reign to Leland in Star Trek Discovery.  Who knows who will make an appearance?

So, catch up with Alan and Nicola, to have an interesting chat, maybe about their character development and complex relationship in the show. You might get some interesting insights!!


Get your ticket for a 30 minute chat session with Nicola Correia-Damude and Alan van Sprang in a small group of only 20 people including yourself, now.


Earn up to 160 Jalmics Reward Points.

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