How To Request Group Seat Assignments

Heroes of the Shadow World is at its heart a celebration of the Shadowfam and we know many in attendance will be connecting with friends from all over the world. With that in mind, we want to do everything possible to make sure long distance friends and family get a chance to sit together in panel rooms and hang out together while making lifelong memories with the cast and crew.

In order to make this possible, please follow the procedures below. Due to the complexity of organizing assigned numbered seats, we cannot guarantee desired seat assignments unless each of the guidelines below have been met. 

  1. All orders for passes must be completed in the shop on the same day. (Allowing for time zones).
  2. All orders must be for the same pass level.
  3. All orders must be for the same panel room.*
  4. An email from EACH person involved MUST be received within 30 minutes of payment at checkout. The email must identify the individuals that wish to be seated together by first and last name. Third party emails from individuals that do not have a pass or have not been identified in the group will not be accepted.

*Please note that there are TWO panel rooms. Participants must coordinate in advance to ensure everyone in the group orders passes for the same panel room.