What Makes Our Convention Unique

Heroes of the Shadow World: A Celebration of Love, Family and Unity



Heroes of the Shadow World is far from being just another convention. While many conventions give fans a chance to make memories with cast members and obtain autographs and photos, this convention will be a bit different. 


We believe in creating events that break the mold, which is why we want to host a true celebration of the show and its legacy, a tribute to the music, and a reunion for the cast and crew. But most of all, we want to create memories of a lifetime for the ShadowFam! To have this unique event take place in New York City is a dream come true for many fans, as NYC is the show’s setting and is considered the home of the Shadow World. 


What we love most about the show is its message of love, unity and representation. Therefore, it befits the show’s legacy that the event will feature a fundraiser for The Trevor Project.


For three days this event will give the ShadowFam access to the people who brought Shadowhunters to life. And for the first time, both the cast and crew will have a chance to experience the love and respect that they have earned. 


The convention weekend will not only feature traditional elements such as panels, photo-ops and autographs, but it also will offer uniquely tailored extras and glimpses behind the scenes. For example, our making-of Shadowhunters workshops will be led by crew members who will share their experiences in making Shadowhunters. Instead of Meet & Greets, there will be themed chat sessions delving deeper into the show’s messages. We will also have some crew and cast panels that will give fans the inside track of fan favorite episodes! 


For some guests, there is also the possibility of an enhanced autograph experience, which will allow you to take a selfie during your autograph time which is a great addition to the usual extras.


Our opening night experience will celebrate the music that defined the emotional journeys of  fans and characters alike and of the show itself. In true Shadowhunters’ fandom spirit, the evening will also incorporate a charity auction in support of The Trevor Project. Last but not least, we will end our celebration weekend with a wrap party! It will be a great opportunity to enjoy drinks, relax and chat with your fellow ShadowFam members.


Come and join us to be a part of this unique celebration of Shadowhunters, its cast and crew, the music and the fans. Let’s create wonderful memories that will only add to the amazing legacy of Shadowhunters and once more reinforce the show’s most important message: Families can be made.