Accessibility Statement

Heroes of the Shadow World is welcoming to individuals of all abilities, and is a fully accessible event. We are dedicated to continually improving our efforts to ensure full access and we encourage all feedback and suggestions in order to improve your experience.


For any accessibility-related questions, please email us at  

We will do our very best to help you have an epic experience.


We will provide ADA Wristbands to individuals who may have mobility, physical, vision, hearing, cognitive, psychological, or any other type of disabilities that may not be visible. These wristbands will be ready for collection when you arrive for registration.  An ADA wristband identifies you to Staff, Crew, and Security and indicates that you may need additional assistance.


We do require email notification when you purchase your pass of any special requirements that may be needed or of your requirement for an ADA wristband.

Please note that the ADA wristband does not provide admission, you must have a valid pass to attend Heroes of the Shadow World.


ADA wristbands are for the use of one individual only throughout the course of Heroes of the Shadow World. ADA wristbands cannot be redistributed, resold, or reallocated. Failure to comply with this will result in revocation of your badge without refund and the inability to attend future events.


The accessibility team will consider any request by a guest with a disability for reasonable modification of its policies, practices, or procedures or for auxiliary aids and services that will permit the guest equal enjoyment of the services offered at the event. We encourage you to make any such request as far in advance as possible to enhance our ability to evaluate and fulfil the request.


In continually trying to make Heroes of the Shadow World more accessible, we encourage you to contact us at for any of your accessibility-related needs. Additionally, if you have any questions about ADA policies or our services please reach out to us.