March 2021 Announcement

Postponement Announcement of May 2021 Heroes of the Shadow World (NYShadowCon)

While we had truly hoped that nyshadowcon could take place this May, we must unfortunately postpone again following a full health and safety event review by our risk assessment team. As you may have expected, this is due to the ongoing global and local situation with the pandemic, and extensive travel and quarantine restrictions.

We appreciate that this postponement has been prolonged beyond what any of us would have expected, however we have spoken to each of our guests individually and they are committed to making the 3 days in New York a celebration of Shadowhunters that will be worth the wait.  

In addition, we are going to extend the line up by adding 3 new guests, in order to compensate for the delay in gratification.

Heroes of the Shadow World will take place in NYC the weekend of Friday, April 22 – Sunday, April 24, 2022. 

We are committed to delivering the celebration of Shadowhunters that we promised, and we are going to incorporate additional extras and new experiences that would not have been available at the original convention.

Plus we are delighted to inform you that the weekend you reserved with us in May 2021 will be put to good use. We are going to offer you an At Home experience with some of the cast and crew we had invited originally. For all of you who hold their passes to the in-person convention now taking place in April 2022 – we have some great treats in store!

We know that these changes may not work for all our attendees, but based on our discussions with hotels, the cast and crew and other city and state officials we are now certain that the restrictions currently in place would not be lifted in time for us to host our event in May. Additionally, with increased health and safety protocols, and certain travel restrictions still to be respected and followed accordingly, we would not be able to put on the type of event that any of us would expect or fully enjoy later in 2021. The health and safety of the cast and crew, our staff, and especially all of our guests are of the utmost importance to us, and we believe it is in everyone’s best interests to postpone the event, until 2022.

We are aware that many will be disappointed by this decision, as we were all looking forward to spending three days together celebrating Shadowhunters, meeting and connecting with old and new friends, and having amazing experiences. Please know this has been an incredibly difficult decision for us to make.

Hopefully you all know by now how important you all are to us. Each and every pass holder will be contacted personally by one of our customer service advisors within the next seven days to make sure that your personal requests are dealt with. 

Please do not contact us unless you have not heard from us by March 20th, 2021, as we need to be able to ensure that your questions and queries are dealt with by the correct advisor, individually and efficiently.

– HOTSW Team

May 2021 “At Home” Convention

Heroes of the Shadow World “At Home” will take place the weekend of May 29th and 30th, 2021. 

We can confirm that our virtual Shadowhunters At Home Convention will continue on the original dates in May with panels, workshops, chats, herograms and virtual autograph signings. 

We are thrilled to announce that we have the support of our amazing guests and will be launching our schedule and additional extras available over the coming weeks. Once again we are working together with the cast and crew to create a unique experience for you all, with a variety of activities, entertaining panels and intriguing workshops. We will have some additional guests joining us as well, so be on the lookout for our announcements on social media! 

All Current “In-Person” Pass Holders

Scheduling Days: Original Friday extras that had been moved to Monday will now be swapped back to Friday for simplicity. Saturday and Sunday passes and extras will stay the same.

Membership to “The Legacy Club” for all Pass Holders as of April 1st, 2021

In addition to the rewards and benefits packages that we have already offered by way of compensation for the postponement, we want all of our attendees to know that we do not take their support for granted. We are therefore granting membership to “The Legacy Club” for all pass holders who hold passes for Heroes of the Shadow World on April 1st, 2021, in appreciation for their ongoing support. When you collect your pass you will be identified as a Legacy Club member.  

Please find below some detail on the initial benefits of membership, which is complimentary for all in-person pass holders. (if purchased before April 1st, 2021)

All of you who have purchased a pass of any kind to the NY convention before April 1st, 2021 will be granted a complimentary pass for #JalmicsHOTSW3 free of charge and do not need to purchase a new one. This is an automatic process.

The Reward Experience:

Meet the Jalmics Rewards Program 2.0! Our amazing team has put together an attractive, new rewards program to be launched shortly, so that we could once more thank you all for hanging in there this year with us, during these unprecedented times. The existing rewards program will be transitioned accordingly so none of the previously stored credits and benefits will be lost.

Each pass holder will receive bonus rewards based on their pass level upon introducing our new rewards program. 

Infinity: 1000 points
Wisdom: 800 points
Empathy: 600 points
Inspiration: 400 points
Courage: 300 points
Allegiance 2 Day: 150 points
Allegiance 1 day: 75 points

Points will be redeemed by you for $$ off of special treats. More on the rewards program will be released soon.

The At Home Experience:

NYShadowCon panels: Legacy Members will be able to access all recorded panels at nyshadowcon, either included in their pass, or purchased in addition to, from the comfort of their own homes when they return to them, for the designated “on demand” period. This means any panels that were missed while queuing for activities, or any extra special highlights that you wish to relive can be replayed and the magic of Heroes of the Shadow World extended for longer.

May 2021 At Home Convention Privileges: We would also like to invite you to our At Home experience of Heroes of the Shadow World on the weekend of May 29th and 30th, 2021 with a complimentary pass. You will also be granted access to an exclusive “Legacy Members” panel, dedicated to the dedicated- you!

Complimentary At Home Passes:

  • Infinity and Wisdom pass holders will receive complimentary passes to TWO additional At Home Events of their choice in 2021. 
  • Empathy, Inspiration and Courage pass holders can look forward to receiving ONE additional At Home complimentary pass to an event of their choice in 2021. 

These benefits cannot be transferred and must be used by December 31st, 2021.

Stay tuned for announcements on our social media! There might be something coming sooner than you think!

The Priority Experience:

Seat Upgrade: This will include a seat upgrade within the perimeters of your respective pass category, and separate queuing within the perimeters of your respective pass level. In detail that means, all those who purchase a pass within the same category moving forward starting April 1st, will be seated behind you and placed after you in queues for activities.

Presale Access: We are also happy to let you know that starting April 1st, 2021 for the next three months all pass holders who have purchased their ticket before April 1st will have exclusive early access to sales of our products to be launched during that three month period. This will also be extended and offered for certain events later in 2021, at our discretion.

The Exclusive Extra Experience:

We are delighted to invite all of our Legacy Club Members to an exclusive “Audience With” experience in New York. These experiences will be scheduled so that they do not clash with any of the current extras and will be exclusive. 

  • Infinity and Wisdom pass holders are invited to a dedicated and exclusive audience with THREE of our newly invited guests to be announced shortly, taking place during our convention in April 2022.
  • For all our Empathy and Inspiration pass holders, we will prepare an equally special audience with TWO of our newly invited guests to be announced shortly during our weekend in April 2022.
  • And for all of you with Courage and Allegiance passes we will work together with ONE of our newly invited guests to be announced shortly, for a dedicated solo panel in a cozy atmosphere.

Since only the respective pass categories will be present during these dedicated panels the seating will be rearranged accordingly in an ambient setting for all of you, and the attending guests.

A Good(ie) Experience:

We are pleased to let you know that we will be preparing Legacy Club goodie bags for all pass holders who have purchased their tickets before April 1st, 2021.

Hotel Guarantee Experience:

We will guarantee that there will be no increase in room rate for attendees that have already booked and paid for hotel rooms with us, and if we negotiate a reduction in price then the difference will either be available for refund or an account credit. 

We hope that these experiences will combine to make your time in New York absolutely amazing and create unique memories that will remain with you forever. 

2022 Hotel News

We are still under negotiation with a new venue for our 2022 dates, and hope to update you with a finalization in the following weeks. We do still have an agreement with the Intercontinental New York Times Square for the provision of facilities for our event, and want to assure you that the new location will be close by so that no further room arrangements have to be made.

Your Options

In order to prepare for your customer service contact, we have the following options for anyone who has already purchased a ticket for Heroes of the Shadow World 2020. 

Option #1:

Your Pass and Extras will automatically be transferred to the new dates in April to ensure that your seat and extras are protected.  

Your personal customer service adviser will contact you by email, please just reply and advise that you wish to become a Legacy Club Member and they will make the appropriate arrangements.

Option #2:

Your pass and extras can be turned into store credit 

You may also choose to exchange your pass and extras for store credit vouchers, to be used at any time in the future on another Jalmics event, in-person or At Home. 

You are still eligible for Legacy Club membership if you select this option, however there are no cash alternatives for any benefits you cannot take advantage of.

Please note, that if you have used any benefit prior, the respective sum will be deducted from your total.

Option #3:

Swap your passes and purchases with a friend or another fan 

If you know of another fan who would like to attend in your place then you must arrange the financial aspect of the transaction between yourselves, but then advise us and we will transfer your pass and extras into their name and account.

You will forfeit Legacy Club membership if you transfer your pass and membership is not transferable.   

This option is available as an open ended alternative until 31st July, 2021.

DEADLINE:  Please be advised that all passes and extras will be automatically transferred to Heroes of the Shadow World 2022, unless we have made alternative arrangements with you, either on the date of email confirmation or on March 31, 2021 if we cannot contact you by email.

In Conclusion

Finally we would like to thank you all for your kind wishes and continued support. We are deeply appreciative of your commitment to our vision for Heroes of the Shadow World and we promise you that in April 2022 New York will become the centre of the Shadowhunters universe and we will immerse you in the Shadow World for three incredible, unforgettable days. 

We look forward to meeting you all there. 

 – The HOTSW Team 

Remember… each and every pass holder will be contacted personally by one of our customer service advisors within the next seven days to make sure that your personal requests are dealt with. If you do not hear from your advisor within the mentioned time period, please check your spam folder before reaching out to us.

Please do not contact us unless you have not heard from us by March 20th, 2021.