Jalmics Rewards Program

We wanted to make it really simple so that you get something back when you commit to us, and the more you commit the more you get back for the Heroes of the Shadow World Convention.

Amount Spent Incentive (Rewards are cumulative so you will receive all rewards up to the value that you have spent.)
$500 15% discount voucher valid for one purchase 
$1,000 20% discount voucher valid for one purchase 
$1,500  Free Pass Reservation* – valid for one event  
$2,000 Crew Breakfast 
$3,000 Cast Breakfast 
$4,000 Lifetime Free Pass Reservation*
$5,000 VIP Pass to VIP area at After Party and Concert 

*The Free Pass Reservation allows you to reserve any pass at our event sales for 30 days without paying for it.