Jalmics “At Home” Heroes Conventions

We promised that Heroes of the Shadow World would be a celebration of cast, crew, music and ShadowFam and we promised that it would be inclusive to all fans world-wide.

This is our final invitation to you all to come and join our celebration.
Let’s have the biggest ShadowFam party of the century!

Introducing our “At Home” service

“I wish I could attend this convention, but…

  • I just live too far away

  • I can’t take time off my job

  • I cannot afford the travel expenses

  • I can’t find a babysitter”

Does this sound familiar? There’s the convention of a lifetime happening, and you desperately wish you could go and be part of the exciting buzz, but you just can’t seem to make it work. And we know how hurtful this can be.

Don’t despair: The good news is with Jalmics, there’s no such thing as “too far away!” Our conventions are international and inclusive and include those unable to physically make the trip to our events. Everyone should be able to enjoy spending time with their favourite cast and crew!

That’s how the idea of our “At Home” service was born. You can take part in our convention no matter where you currently are in the world. You even have many of the same options that our on-site attendees have. Are you ready?

The advantages of a Jalmics “At Home” Convention Pass

You can purchase a wide range of activities and products including:

  • live-stream/recorded panels, concerts or workshops – your personal front row view

  • one-of-a-kind photo opportunities of your favorite guests with the option that they will personally sign it and we will mail it to you

  • mail-order autographs signed just for you

  • hero-grams: your chosen celebrity will send you a personal 20 second audio or video message*

  • live-chat sessions*

  • raffles and competitions for complementary extras

  • sneak previews and access to exclusive convention interviews

You will also be able to join in with the absolutely amazing closing ceremonies rather than watch the events afterwards.

I am interested! How do I sign up?

1. Before you can purchase “At Home” services, you will have to register for the convention service.

  • For “Heroes of the Shadow World”, there is a $15.00 registration fee

Included in your registration fee are;

  • The opening panel video
  • Exclusive convention attendee-only content from our guests
  • Inclusion in all convention attendee-only competitions and raffles
  • The exclusive right to pre-submit questions for our panels

A separate fee is payable for each convention.

  • When you register, a one-time fee will also be charged for the United States Postal Service which will cover the shipping costs for all purchases for this convention. If you have questions regarding this fee, please see our FAQ below.

2. After you have registered, you can purchase different services (“extras”).

  • You will receive an email with a link and password to the “At Home Portal” – there you can make your purchases.
  • The majority of the services will involve an additional fee to be paid.

  • Please keep in mind that there may be limited spaces available, e.g. for the chats. They will be available on a first-come basis.

  • All “At-Home” extras are separate from the normal convention products, you must purchase them on the At Home Portal webpage. A link and password will automatically emailed to all “At Home” pass holders.

 If you would like to register for the At Home service for Heroes of the Shadow World, then please click the button below.

The first 50 subscribers will receive an additional 10% discount off two purchases.

*Please note that not all guests will be taking part in the online chats or the hero-grams. However, they will all be available for the mail order autographs and photo ops.

At Home Activities

This is the only time in 2020 that the main cast members will be together in one place and once these activity options are gone they will not be available again.

All these activities can be purchased as extras and are not included in your registration fee. They are extremely limited and in some cases only 15 of each are available. Be quick!

Mail Order Photographs (Photo-Ops)

This super exciting option enables you to have your very own unique photograph. You own the copyright. It will be mailed and the digital version emailed to you. The digital version is included in the price. You can choose from the combination of duo/trio and group photo options that we have available or a solo photo of your favorite cast member.

There are four poses that you can select from and each one will be truly unique. You can even choose for a message board to be held by one of the people in the photo.

  1. Combat/Action
  2. Smile
  3. Actor’s Choice
  4. Message Board

The best part? The photo can be personally dedicated to you after it has been taken if you also select the autograph option. Just make sure to let us know the name that you want on your autograph.

Please note that every cast and crew member is available for the mail order photograph solo photo opportunity while stocks last. All of the duo/trio group photo opportunities will be available if stocks remain.


We are happy to be able to offer autographs from the amazing line-up we have assembled, no matter where you are in the world.

We have the following options for you;

  1. Glossy Headshot: Each guest has submitted a headshot that you can purchase and have personalized with your name and an autograph from the guest.
  2. Cally’s Sketch: You can order your own copy of Cally’s amazing sketch and have it personalized with your name and an autograph from the guest.
  3. Mail Order Photograph: You can have a one-of-a-kind photo of the guest taken, then have it personalized with your name and an autograph from the guest.

Autograph / Selfie Combo

Where our guests offer the auto/selfie combo, we will take a selfie photo of the guest signing your autograph with our office phone and send the image to you within 48 hours of the event closing. Please note that there is a price for this service.


What could be better than having a personal message from your hero on your phone either in audio or video format? We have arranged for some of our guests to offer this service at our convention. They will record a message that is no more than 20 seconds long which will be sent to you after the convention.

You can choose the “to” and “basic subject” of the message.
Example “To: Lindsay” “Subject: Wish You Were Here”

We will send all messages within 48 hours of the convention ending.

Living Room Chats

By the Angel, we are so excited about this! Experience a chat, up close and personal, in your own home. Together with a small group of people, you will get to chat with your idol in a personal and intimate situation on a one-to-one basis through video conferencing.


We added this due to demand from our international supporters as many of you cannot make it to New York. There will be a limited number of live-streamed workshops where you can join in with the workshops themselves. In addition to that, you will be able to pre-order the recorded workshop.

Please note that due to contracts with the cast and crew all orders must be placed in advance of the event, as this service will not be available after the event has finished.


We have all seen clips of closing ceremonies and we all know that panels cannot be recorded. Fortunately, we have managed to obtain permission from some of our guests to live-stream our panels and the closing ceremony.

Due to the broadband capacity, there is a limited number of subscribers for this service and it must be subscribed to in advance for technical reasons.

NB: Should the live stream fail for technical reasons then a recording of the panel will be available immediately afterwards.

Out of the Shadows Concert

This unique event not only features Ruelle, Fleurie, and SYML performing together for the first time, but it will be hosted by renowned music supervisor Lindsay Wolfington. Don’t miss out! We are offering a limited number of recordings of the show of a lifetime.


Why is there a registration fee?

There is a high level of costs involved in bringing together the guests to participate in the “At Home” services, and the registration fee goes towards covering those costs. The fees for the services themselves cover the guest participation fees.

Subscribers to this service will also be eligible for additional complementary activities offered by some guests, and the daily raffles and competitions during the convention.

Does it matter where I live?

No, not at all. All you need to have for the chats are a computer and WIFI. The mail-order products can be sent anywhere in the world.

Why is there a shipping fee for the “At Home” Pass?

To make it easier, instead of charging shipping per product, there is a one-time shipping fee paid during registration to cover any shipping costs on your products.

How much are the shipping costs?

All items will be shipped via the United States Postal Service.  Your address will be identified for the exact shipping costs by this service and charged with no mark-up or alteration.

What happens if I don’t order anything that requires shipping?

When the “At Home” service closes we will identify any customers who have only ordered virtual/streaming products. The shipping fee charged at registration will be refunded.

Will all the guests be available for the “At Home” Convention?

We will be adding additional guests and extras to the “At Home” Convention on a daily basis from now on.

We are starting off with the Parabatai Photos and then we will add any group photos with Matthew Daddario that have stocks remaining. On Tuesday, March 3rd all the group photo opportunities remaining with Harry Shum Jr will be added. On Wednesday, March 4th we will release some of the larger group photos.

Once all the group photos have been made available to you, then each of our guests will join the “At Home” Convention one day at a time for autos, selfies, solo photos, chats, hero-grams and maybe some exclusive content from our guests.