Introducing Jalmics “At Home”

You can purchase a wide range of activities and products including:live-stream panels, concerts or workshops โ€“ your personal front row viewone-of-a-kind photo opportunities of your favorite guests with the option that they will personally sign it and we will mail it to youmail-order autographs signed just for youhero-grams: your chosen celebrity will send you a personal 20 second audio or video message*live-chat sessions*raffles and competitions for complementary extrassneak previews and access to exclusive convention interviews
You will also be able to join in with the absolutely amazing closing ceremonies rather than watch the events afterwards.
I AM INTERESTED! HOW DO I SIGN UP?1. Before you can purchase โ€œAt Homeโ€ services, you will have to register for the convention service.For โ€œHeroes of the Shadow Worldโ€, there is a $15.00 registration feeIncluded in your registration fee are;The opening panel video
Exclusive convention attendee-only content from our guests
Inclusion in all convention attendee-only competitions and rafflesThe exclusive right to pre-submit questions for our panels
A separate fee is payable for each convention.When you register, a one-off fee will also be charged for the United States Postal Service which will cover the shipping costs for all purchases for this convention. If you have questions regarding this fee, please see our FAQ below.
2. After you have registered, you can purchase different services (โ€œextrasโ€).
The majority of the services will involve an additional fee to be paid.Please keep in mind that there may be limited spaces available, e.g. for the chats. They will be available on a first-come basis.