Guest: Philippe Thibault (Rock Solid Panda)

Brief Biography

Beginning in Season 2, Philippe took over the supervision of the whole VFX world that turned green screens into Edom and Harry Shum Jr.โ€™s choreographed movements into streams of Magnusโ€™ blue magic. With skill and precision he made every stunt and demon jump from imagination to something tangible on our screens. 

Charity For Donations

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Participation In โ€Heroes Of The Shadow Worldโ€

Philippe will be attending all three days of the celebration event. He will be participating in panels and workshops, and sharing insights on the inner workings of the show and its secrets.

He is available for the new Autograph and Selfie Combination, in addition to traditional autograph-only-extras.

There is the opportunity to have a professional photographer take your photo with Philippe.

We will release more details of our Behind the Scenes activities later in the year.

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