Guest: Pete Binswanger (Rock Solid Panda Crew )

Brief Biography

The only person to write an episode in all three seasons, Pete Binswanger is a Shadowhunters lifer with a Simon Lewis love for cheesy movies, video games, and all things nerdy. He’s currently working on Netflix’s upcoming He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.

Written episodes for Shadowhunters:

  • Season 1: Major Arcana (Episode 7), Morning Star (Episode 13)
  • Season 2: Parabatai Lost (Episode 3), Bound By Blood (Episode 9), Days Of Atonement (Episode 16)
  • Season 3: The Powers That Be (Episode 2), To The Night Children (Episode 15), Alliance (Episode 21, teleplay together with Jamie Gorenberg)

Charity For Donations

Pete has chosen to support World Wildlife Fund as his nominated charity.?

It would be greatly appreciated if fans could make donations in lieu of bringing gifts.

The online donation portal is currently not available, but will be shortly.

Participation In ”Heroes Of The Shadow World”

Pete will be attending all three days of the celebration event. He will participate in a range of activities, including workshops.