Guest: Isaiah Mustafa (Legends)

Brief Biography

Isaiah Mustafa most recently played the lead role of ‘Mike Hanlon’ in IT: CHAPTER TWO.  ‘Mike’ is the linchpin of the ensemble and the only member of the Losers Club who stayed behind in Derry for 27 years to guard against the return of Pennywise.  Isaiah’s narration opens and closes the film, which opened two weeks ago, and it is currently at $330.6 million worldwide, including $175.6 million internationally.  IT: CHAPTER TWO is the second-highest opening for any movie all-time in the September/October release corridor, and the second-highest opening for any horror movie all-time.  IT: CHAPTER TWO was the fifth-widest opening weekend screen count of all-time behind THE LION KING, AVENGERS: ENDGAME, and TOY STORY 4 with 4,570 screens domestically, and it also opened on 25,495 screens internationally.  Isaiah leads a star-studded cast that includes Jessica ChastainJames McAvoy and Bill Hader

Isaiah is also the face of the new Hulu ad campaign directed by Craig Gillespie, which has amassed a whopping 130+ million views on YouTube. Isaiah recently starred in the cult series SHADOWHUNTERS: THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS, which won the People’s Choice Award for best TV show in 2018 thanks to its fanatical fan base.  He was named one of People Magazine’s Most Beautiful People in 2010 and had a previous life as an NFL wide receiver before becoming a widespread sensation as a result of the popular Old Spice TV Campaign The Man Your Man Could Smell Like. 

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