Guest: Alan Van Sprang (Guardians)

Brief Biography

Alan Van Sprang (born June 19, 1971)  known for playing Sir Francis Bryan in the series The Tudors, appearing in three films of George A Romero, Land of the Dead, Diary of the Dead, and Survival of the Dead. Also for playing King Henry II on The CW’s original series Reign. He also portrayed Valentine Morgenstern on Freeform’s hit show, Shadowhunters. Recently Alan played Captain Leland, the head of Section 31 on CBS’s Star Trek Discovery. As well as Chief Detective Keith Alper on CW’s In The Dark.

Charity For Donations

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Participation In ”Heroes Of The Shadow World”

Alan will be attending all three days of the celebration event.

He is available for the new Autograph and Selfie Combination, in addition to traditional autograph-only-extras plus a limited fan chat session.

There is the opportunity to have a professional photographer take your photo with Alan.

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