Golden Ticket Giveaway


Introducing a brand new Holiday Panel format: bring on the team competitions!

Join us for five unique and interactive competition panels, in which our guests will go head-to-head to win a donation for a charity of their choice.

And the best part? You get to be on the panel and help the guests!
How? By entering the Golden Ticket Giveaway!

What is the Golden Ticket Giveaway?

The Golden Ticket Giveaway is a raffle in which 16 lucky panel attendees will be able to join in Challenge Panel fun and games with the cast and crew of Shadowhunters!

The math is simple!

1 Challenge Panel ticket =Β  1 panel

1 panel = 4 entries

4 panels = 16 entries

The Challenge Bundle = 20 entries (16 + 4 bonus)

How do I enter?

Purchase your tickets to the Challenge Panels.

You are entered!

What are the rules?


  1. The deadline for entries is 12PM EST / 6PM CET on December 27th. All purchases made after the deadline will not be considered.
  2. It’s a Madhouse! Panel is not included in the Golden Ticket Giveaway.
  3. You can transfer your Golden Ticket to another attendee of the same panel.
  4. You can only win Golden Tickets for panels you bought tickets for.
  5. Winners are assigned at random to one of the competing teams.
  6. We will contact you on December 27th if you win for further instructions.

The Teams

We’ve got the jolliest elves to compete in the challenges! Let’s introduce them…

The Challenge Panels

Join one of the challenges to help our guests win points for their team! But what kind of challenges, you might be wondering?

All panels will be on sale in theΒ “At Home Portal”!

What is my role on the team?

As a Golden Ticket winner, you get to join our challenges and help our panelists win points for your team! Each panelist will have one attendee supporting them in the 4 participating Challenge panels.

There are 3 ways to support your panelist:

  1. They call on you and your expert knowledge to help them answer a fandom-related question.
  2. Like any true joker, you jump in to take over a task from them (e.g. take over a drawing in Pictionary).
  3. Due to your double status as Golden Ticket winner AND attendee, you have a special connection with the moderator and may ask them for a clue that will help your panelist get their answer or solve their task faster!

Golden Ticket winners can be called upon at any stage of the game, so make sure to be ready to jump in throughout the panel!