Deepest Desires Naughty Bits

We would like to thank the guests; Tom Ellis, Lesley-Ann Brandt, D.B. Woodside, Aimee Garcia, Kevin Alejandro, Inbar Lavi and Rachael Harris for joining Lucifer fans from all over the world at our first Deepest Desires At Home Convention. For those unfamiliar with Jalmics International, we strive to provide fans an immersive, fandom-driven experience. Let’s catch up and review the fun that was had on May 1st, 2021.

Our first panel of the day, Tom Ellis’ Margarita Madness panel, started with alcohol and an exclamation of “BLOODY HELL!” Tom answered fan questions, and made a lovely cocktail.

Spring is in the Air, a challenge panel, where the guests were teamed up with fans who won the chance to be on their teams. In this panel, the contestants had to guess if the song lyrics are real or fake. There were a lot of laughs, especially about “Hot air balloon” – you just had to be there 😉

Take a cooking panel and flip it like a pancake-a very unique pancake! That, and delicious laughter, are what we got during the Avatar Cooking panel with Tom, Rachael and Lesely-Ann.

Play dough is not just for kids, right?! Ready, Steady, Sculpt panel displayed D.B.s mastery of all available props, Lesley-Ann’s toddler Mom skills and Inbar’s psychic abilities.

An Audience With D.B.Woodside was a rich examination of D.B.’s career highlights as an Actor and Director.

The challenge panels are not over yet, there is World Search, with Aimee, Rachael and D.B. where they tried really hard to guess where the fan was from in the world. Always a fun time.

Aimee is bit of a creative genius in: Creation In Progress! In this panel, fans gave Aimee prompts and she created a backstory.

Need a kick-start in these uncertain times? Feel Good and Stay Motivated with Lesley-Ann is what you need. Lesley-Ann shared real world advice on eating healthy, moving our bodies and shared the details of a Fitness Challenge with a cause that is close to her heart.

We began the day with alcohol, and ended it (almost anyways) with more alcohol! Shake it Up with Kevin Alejandro shook up the day while he answered some fan questions.

Panel's screenshots signed

Everyone who purchased a panel, or an extra that received a screenshot, can purchase an 8×10 glossy print and have it signed by one guest. An unique keepsake! 

All screenshots can be personalized, except the Margarita Madness Panel with Tom Ellis, those are signed by Tom but not personalized, still it is one hell of a great photo :0