Cosplay Contest

Have YOU…
  • always wanted to be your favorite character of Shadowhunters?
  • are creative and have designed your own Shadow World cosplay?
  • have created your own Shadow World Character?
  • can’t sew for the life of you, but are a talented performer?

If you answered one or more of the above questions with an enthusiastic yes, then we have great news for you: 

Our Heroes of the Shadow World Cosplay Contest will shine a spotlight on you and your talent!

The Cosplay Contest will take place on Saturday evening and can be attended free of charge by all pass holders during the in-person convention.


How to join? 

You can find an overview of our passes and make a purchase here. 

Make sure that your performance and cosplay follow the rules. Please see below for a complete list of the Cosplay rules under ‘Cosplay Law’.

It doesn’t matter if you bought your costume or created it yourself:  As long as you wear it during our Cosplay Contest, everything’s fine.

It is entirely up to you:

You can either give us the performance of your lifetime, like a show fight or a theater scene, you can dance or sing, or you can simply do a catwalk and show off your cosplay without uttering a word.  

Just do whatever you feel most comfortable with! 

Big stages can be frightening, we get that. If you don’t want to go on stage alone, groups up to 4 persons are allowed. But whatever you decide to do, remember: 

You will have a maximum of 2 minutes to show off your skills.

Are you ready to participate? Then fill in the participant form below.

If you participate as a group, please fill in the form together, you only need one participant form.

Cosplay Law

“The Law is hard, but it is the Law.” This is something that every Shadowhunter knows to be true. Shadowhunters must obey the law, and so must Mundanes. In order for everyone to enjoy the cosplay contest and to make it as safe as can be, the following rules must be adhered to.

NO weapons, NO weapon replicas, NO weapon props are allowed into the convention area. No exceptions.

That includes:

  • Every weapon that is forbidden by law

  • All blunt, sharp, choking, shooting and thrusting weapons

  • Any kind of pyrotechnics

Clothes / Cosplay:

  • Stings attached to your costume must be blunt and can not be longer than 2 inches/5 cm.

  • Metal, wooden or plastic chains must be attached to the material of your costume without the option to remove them.

  • Cosplays/ clothes should not have sharp corners and edges.


Wings (or other huge attachments) are not allowed if:

  • They take away the sight of the people sitting behind you in the panel room

  •  You can’t walk through a door without taking them off

  • They are made of wood, metal, plastic or other hard materials

Steles are only allowed if they are not usable as blunt or sharp weapons.

If you you need one of these items for Cosplay Contest, we may be able to store it and give it to you for the contest only.

Please get in contact with us via mail before the con and let us know the exact size, material and sort of Prop you would like to use, and we will tell you if it is possible.

Golden convention rule: Please keep the enjoyment and safety of all attendees in mind.

  • No obscene, sexual or offensive action can be shown

  • No excessive violence (a fight sequence is allowed)

  • No use of (fake) blood, confetti, glitter or anything that will mess up the stage

  • No racist, illegal, dangerous or hateful behavior

If you break any of the convention or cosplay rules, it can lead to your exclusion from the convention. 

If you are not sure if something you would like to bring or do on stage is allowed, please get in touch with us so we can help you out with your questions.


How to win? 

A Jury (members yet to be announced) will hand out awards in three different categories: 

For this category, it doesn’t matter if you created your costume yourself or bought it. The only thing that matters is your performance.

Note: Doing only a catwalk will not be enough to win this category.

For this category, only your skills of creating the cosplay and the result count. It doesn’t matter if you do a catwalk or a performance. Just blow us away with the Cosplay. 

Note: Everybody who didn’t design/craft their Cosplay themselves is excluded from this category.

For this category you must craft your Cosplay yourself AND do a performance.

If your Cosplay looks perfect and your performance was mind blowing, then you will have the chance to become ‘Hero of the Shadow World’

Note: Everybody who didn’t craft their cosplay themselves and/or does a catwalk only is excluded from this category.

What are you waiting for? 

Join us and become the new Hero of the Shadow World

Participant Form