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Heroes of the Shadow World 2022 will be held at the New York Marriott Marquis .

Please read the directions on this page before booking.


To navigate the Online Shop and purchase passes, extras, and hotel rooms, please use the drop-down menu in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.

1. Select to book the whole room or the sharing option.

2. Choose your preferred payment plan for your selected option

3. Select your arrival and departure date from the calendar.

Rooms are available with a wide range of options, including single occupancy and the ability to reserve and pay for a shared room. Please select the room option that reflects your choice of room and/or sharing preferences.  You will not be able to change room mates on arrival if you have chosen the sharing option, please take this into account before booking.

Available options remaining provide the flexibility to pay in up to two instalments. Selecting a multiple instalment option means following the payment schedule listed below. Please make note of payment due dates as reminders will not be sent out. Defaulting on payments results in no right to refund.

One instalment passes are paid in full at the the time of purchase.


2nd instalments are due October 15th.

3rd instalments on 3 and 4 instalment plans are due on December 15th.

4th instalments are due on February 15th

SHARING: If you have selected the sharing option we require the names of all of the occupants of the room so that we can allocate the rooms correctly.

SHADOWFAM SHARING SERVICE – If you would like us to allocate you a sharing buddy from other attendees who are looking to share a room then please type SHADOWFAM in the name fields as your companions. We guarantee same sex companions and will put you in touch with your roommates as soon as they have been allocated.

Hotel Rooms

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Sharing Options – 4 to a Room