Behind The Scenes: Heroes of the Shadow World Runes

Each pass level for the Heroes of the Shadow World convention is represented by a series of runes created especially for this event. Aside from Angel blood, runes are what make someone a Shadowhunter. Runes give the bearer superhuman qualities and enhance natural gifts. It seems only fitting that a gathering of fans, cast, and crew should have its own collection of meaningful runes.Β 

As Heroes of the Shadow World is ultimately a celebration of everything Shadowhunters stands for, the following runes were created to enhance a shared love for the show and reflect the heart and strength of the Shadowfam: Infinity, Wisdom, Empathy, Inspiration, Courage, and Allegiance.Β 


Infinite patience, passion, and love makes anything possible.


Knowledge of what is true and right leads to sound choices and meaningful actions.


Love and compassion comes from understanding and sharing the feelings of others.


The spark that awakens new possibilities.


A hero moves forward despite fear.


Loyalty and commitment to something bigger than yourself leads to real change.

The collective love forΒ ShadowhuntersΒ has not only made the Shadowfam stronger, but it has also been the guiding light through difficult times. It has connected fans, crew, and cast alike from all over the world. The fandom took it a step further and organized incredible stunts, raised money for charity, and used their voices for change. All things considered, this journey has made them heroes in their own right.


One love. One family.

The sense of strength and commitment that brought a global community together serves as the inspiration for the Unity rune, a symbol for the convention as a whole. Just as love, representation, and family resonate throughout the show, the Unity rune is a reminder that everyone is equally important.