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Heroes of the Shadow World – Holiday Edition – Rewatch Party on January 9th 2021
Join us on twitter as we live tweet and bring the party back for one last hurrah!


These products are for “Heroes of the Shadow World – Holiday Edition” Rewatch Party only. If you would like to purchase passes or extras for our in-person convention in New York City in 2021, please use the regular store.


NO PASS REQUIRED to rewatch, but you must purchase the panel and use Whova to view.

Our guests have asked that you do not take your own screenshots of the recorded panels. Per terms of purchase, if found to be taking screenshots, access to Whova will be terminated and all purchases will be forfeited.

Panels – Available for Rewatch on Whova for a limited time

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  • At Home Pass: required for access to 3 free panels, but not required to purchase other products.
  • Panels: 30-45 minute panels featuring 1 or more guests

Panels Included in the Home Pass:

Free Panel A: Truth, Lies, Trivia and Mayhem

Let’s play a round of “Two Truths, One Lie”, holiday style, in this free panel included in your pass! Join Brian Hui, Nicola Correia-Damude, and Javier Muñoz, as they tell holiday stories that may (or may not) have actually happened, and try to figure out which ones are true.

Free Panel B: Holiday Gifts in the Shadow World

What would Asmodeus get Lilith as a Secret Santa gift? And which present would Jonathan choose for his dear sister? Discuss these and more gift ideas with Jack Yang, John Rakich, Stefanie Terzo and Brian Hui, and bring in ideas of your own in this free panel included in your pass.

Free Panel C: What if Valentine was Santa Claus?

Who is the best storyteller? Find out in this free panel included in your pass as Luke Baines,  John Rakich and Tessa Mossey try to come up with the ultimate #Shadowhunters holiday story: what if Valentine was Santa Claus? Don’t miss this!


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