At Home Portal

Welcome to the Jalmics “At Home” Portal, where you can purchase extras, get access to exclusive content and join giveaways.

Our ”At Home” service enables you to take part in our conventions no matter where you currently are in the world.

Our guests have asked that you do not take your own screenshots of the recorded panels. Per terms of purchase, if found to be taking screenshots, access to Whova will be terminated and all purchases will be forfeited.

At Home Extras Descriptions


  • 1:1 Chat: 3 minute 1:1 chat with a guest via Zoom. As a bonus, you will have a keepsake screenshot of this chat will be emailed to you within 3 weeks. 
  • Autographs: Autograph signing with a guest. Includes a 2 minute 1:1 chat via Zoom. Not only do you have 1 on 1 time, but he/she will also sign a glossy 8×10 for you in the session. You get an added bonus at no charge, a screenshot of this chat will be emailed to you. Please allow 3 weeks for the screenshot to reach you and up to 8 weeks for the autograph. Note that you must purchase shipping.  
  • Cozy Chat: 10 minute chat with a guest plus 4 fans via Zoom. There are 4 places in each Cozy Chat (not including the guest). If you would like to enjoy this chat specifically with just your own friends, then you need to purchase the quantity required in one order. Added bonus at no charge, a screenshot of this chat will be emailed to you.  
  • Living Room Chat : 30 minute chat via Zoom with a guest with a limited amount (20-30) of attendees. including one screenshot per purchased extra.  
  • Videogram (also known as Herogram): A pre-recorded personal video (up to 30-seconds) will be emailed to you. The guest will record a message with a dedication or message.  These recordings are special and priceless and something to treasure. 
  •  Trio Chat: 2 fans + guest for 6 minutes. Includes one screenshot per attendee. Price is per fan.


  • Hangout:   2 or more guests plus a limited amount of fans for a 30 min. chat via Zoom.  
  • Panels: Fun, games, chat and Q&A hosted by a moderator, with one or several guests. Recorded* and available to watch for 7 days (after upload) 
  • Workshops: Specialized discussions with crew and cast. Topics include: Hair and Make-Up, Writing, Direction, Props, Locations, Special Effects and more.

*unless restricted by contract