At Home Code of Conduct

The following apply to ALL events:

Audio and video recording and photography is strictly prohibited. This is a contractual obligation and is non-negotiable. A recorded copy of panels that you attend will be available for seven days. 

It is expected that fans are respectful of guests’ comfort level and personal boundaries. Please refrain from asking personal questions or using disrespectful language towards any guest. All questions will be screened by event staff. All events are moderated for the guests’ safety and comfort.

All events will be held in English and will not be translated.

Only one person may be on screen, unless the second person has a ticket to the event as well. You may switch but at no point both of you are to be shown on screen at the same time, as this will result in your immediate exclusion from the activity, and the event.

If you are in a panel or chat that is running past schedule and you are scheduled for another event at the same time, please kindly reach out to the meeting’s host via chat and await instructions.

If another extra collides with another activity slot, you may leave the waiting room and come back, as long as you haven’t joined the actual meeting yet (i.e. met the guest you’ve booked the extra with). Please be aware that you will only be able to come back if the extra is still ongoing by the time you return. 

Keep in mind that upon purchase of your tickets you have agreed to our panels being recorded and published later on. If you accept the host’s invitation to join the video chat, please be aware that both your video and audio will be recorded. All panels, except those exempt by contract, will be available on demand for 7 days after our event ends. For all remaining activities the recording is in place to ensure you will receive a nice capture of it for all extras that include a screenshot of your moments with the guests.


Virtual Autographs  

Autograph sessions offer the chance for fans to briefly interact with guests one-on-one. One ticket equals one autograph. 

During this session, fans interact directly with guests for 2 minutes to personalize your autograph. If you do not want to be on screen, let the moderator know what you would like written.

After you have accessed the autograph session through the link provided on Whova and proceeded to Zoom, please await your turn in the waiting room. The host will add you one by one.

If another extra collides with your assigned autograph time slot, you may leave the waiting room and come back, as long as you haven’t started your actual autograph session yet (i.e. met the guest you’ve booked the autograph with). Please be aware that you will only be able to come back if the autograph session is still ongoing by the time you return. 

The autograph sessions last two minutes, in which you will be able to chat with the guest, ask them your questions and get your autograph personalized if you wish to do so. The signed picture or drawing (depending on which option you picked when buying the extra) will be sent to you by mail after the convention. Depending on your home country and due to the ongoing restrictions, please allow up to a few weeks for the shipping process.

DISCLAIMER: All delivery estimates do not take into account any delays caused by transportation system issues that are outside of our control.


Panels are Q&A activities where fans can interact directly with the guests and ask questions. It’s also an opportunity for guests to share anecdotes and memories about the show. Panels will include a mix of cast and crew members to give fans the ultimate opportunity to ask questions about what happened on both sides of the camera.  

If you would like to ask the present guest a question, please send it to the meeting host/co-host in advance so the question can get screened and approved by them. Then follow the instructions and accept the request to be promoted to a panelist so you can join with video and audio for the time being as you address the guest directly. Do not change or alter your question as this may result in your immediate demotion. Once your question has been answered you will be muted again, and your video device will be shut off once more.

Chat Sessions (1:1 Chat, Cozy Chat, Living Room Chat)

Chat sessions, also known as Meet and Greets, offer fans the opportunity to spend quality time with the guest(s) of their choice. 

The 1:1 chat sessions last three minutes, in which you will be able to chat to the guest and ask them your questions. If you don’t feel comfortable leaving your camera on during the chat, you can switch it off and chat with the guest just via audio.

The Cozy Chats last 10 minutes and will be shared by 4 fans. If you bought more than one ticket, you will be paired with the people you gave the other tickets to, otherwise you will share the Cozy Chat with three other random attendees.

The Living Room Chats last 30 minutes and there will be up to 30 fans attending. 

A moderator will be present during all chat sessions. They will not be interfering in 1:1 chat sessions, though, except if there is a breach of the rules mentioned above or assistance needed.

At the end of each chat session, a picture will be taken of the guest and all participants via screenshot. This picture will be sent to all the chat participants following the convention.


Hangouts offer a small group of fans a similar experience of a chat session for 30 minutes but with more than one guest present. 

A moderator will be present during the session. At the end of each hangout, a picture will be taken of the guest and all participants via screenshot. This picture will be sent to all hangout participants following the convention.


Workshops give fans an immersive experience of interacting with crew members that worked behind the camera to bring the Shadow World to life. Each workshop revolves around a theme specific to a crew member’s area of expertise. Fans will get a chance to ask questions, participate in crew lead activities, and/or demonstrations for 30 minutes to 1 hour (depending on the type of workshop).