At Home Conventions

Our ”At Home” service enables you to take part in our conventions no matter where you currently are in the world.

With our “At Home” Conventions, we bring the convention to you. Here are just a few of the perks:

  • Available no matter where you are in the world!
  • Free 7-day access to recorded footage of any panel you purchase**
  • At least one pre-determined panel is included with your pass (depends on event)
  • Possibility to purchase Extras such as panels, autographs, videograms, and live-chat sessions
  • No extra service fees when purchasing extras. (The extra price is the final price, no extra fees)
  • Access to exclusive giveaways 
  • Access to pre-event activities and content
  • Personalized schedule in Whova app

** subject to any restrictions in guests contracts

Note: There is a separate, flat-rate shipping fee for autographs available in our shop, which covers the shipment of all autographs purchased from your account for this event. Please include this product in your order if you intend on buying autographs to ensure that the items will be delivered to you.  The shipping fee includes tracking and insurance for your glossy photo and autograph, and the autograph price also includes a 2 minute 1:1 chat and a separate screenshot of the chat, emailed to you.

"At Home" Conventions

Have you ever thought… “I wish I could attend this convention, but…”

  • I just live too far away
  • I can’t take time off my job
  • I cannot afford the travel expenses
  • I can’t find a babysitter

There’s the convention of a lifetime happening and you desperately wish you could go and be part of the exciting buzz, but you just can’t  seem to make it work.

Don’t despair: The good news is: With Jalmics, there’s no such thing as “too far away!” We want our conventions to be as international and inclusive as possible and care about those unable to physically make the trip to our events.

That’s how the idea of our “At Home” service was born.  Our “At Home” service enables you to take part in our convention no matter where you currently are in the world. You even have the same option than our on-site attendees have.


The advantages of our “At Home” service

You can take your pick of a wide range of activities, including

  • watching live-stream panels, concerts or workshops – your personal front row view
  • choosing a photo of your favorite celebrity, that they will personally sign for you and which we will mail to you
  • ordering herograms, which means your chosen celebrity will record you a personal video message
  • enjoying live-chat sessions and more!

I am interested! How do I sign up?

  1. Purchase the “At Home” Pass for the convention you wish to attend. A separate fee is payable for each convention.
  2. After you have registered, you can purchase different services (“extras”).  Please keep in mind that there may be limited spaces available, eg for the chats.  They will be available on a first come basis.
  3. Enjoy the event!  Visit our At Home FAQ for information on how to best be prepared for the virtual convention and for what kinds of extras we offer.
Past Events
First Responder Heroes

Date: February 6, 2021
Type: Virtual Event 
Subject: TV Series “9-1-1 Lone Star”

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Shadow World At Home Holiday Edition 2020

Date: December 28, 2020
Type: Virtual Event
Subject: TV Series “Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments” Cast & Crew

Details: 1 day convention with 12 guests in 3 time zones, over 400 attendees across every time zone in the world.

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Shadow World At Home 2020

Dates: September 12 & 13, 2020
Type: Virtual Event
Subject: TV Series “Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments” Cast & Crew

Details: 24 hour live streamed convention which took place over 2 days on 12 consecutive channels with over 35 guests in 4 time zones, 650 attendees across every time zone.

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